I Used My Brain Waves to Play Minecraft!

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Minecraft gameplay but it’s hands free because I’m using my brain waves as the controller.

In this video, I play Minecraft with an EEG chip that detects my brain wave values (delta, theta, alpha, beta) and sends controller input to my computer based off of those values. So I’m able to control Minecraft with my mind and be hands free. It’s actually kind of insane.

In this video, I use various forms of tech to use my brain waves as a controller for Minecraft. I use a Lattepanda Alpha Windows computer and Arduino (Leonardo) to reprogram a toy from 2009 that reads meditation value to input keystrokes and play Minecraft. This technology has existed for well over 10 years and makes me wonder why we do not already have a brain wave video game controller.


The Lattepanda Alpha is sold by DFRobot which can be found here

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