The Perfect Smart SBC for Your Home

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Given the LattePanda’s powerful processor and small, portable size, it has been utilized in more than one project to make smart appliances, such as a smarthome, smartcar, smartmirror, and smartspeaker.





With a LattePanda SBC, RedNode, and a Walabot, Ron Dagdag can guide you on how to make a smarthome assistant. A “smarthome” is very similar to a smartspeaker, but is able to retrieve sensory data from the Walabot to know your position when issuing position-related commands. At the end of the project, you should finally have a smartspeaker that will know what you mean when you say, “Please turn on this light (near me).”



Alternatively, the LattePanda is also small enough to be converted to a smartcar computer. This is perfect for the innovative creator who doesn’t want to let go of their old vehicle. Creator Adamskee has built one such type of smartcar display that fits in his vehicle! Once you complete this project, the final result will be much like having an actual smart car–without the absurdly expensive cost!



However, if you would still like to incorporate your LattePanda project into your home, you can also consider making a smartmirror using your LattePanda SBC. YouTube channel Experiment’s makers have also made a wonderful DIY how-to guide to help you towards making such an interesting and wonderfully modern technologial appliance to install in your house.



Finally, if the smartspeaker is what you’d like to focus on for your LattePanda project, then be sure to follow our very own hackster guide to learn how to make a google assistant smartspeaker.



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