LattePanda and the SmartCity

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When people the world over look for a new piece of technology to become their new smarthome device, device managament appliance, or computer that manages data from thousands of devices implemented into city structures, they need both a powerful processor and an exceptional ability to interface both wirelessly and physically with any and all devices that have already been installed into their various locations. This very scenario is one of many that the LattePanda single board computer was built for, and is making the LattePanda the go-to product for smart devices, and the variety of new solutions that incorporate the LattePanda SBC have appealed to more and more businesses around the world. It should also be mentioned that in said projects size may also become a factor, where they require a strong and fast computer, but with a very limited size for the placement of said computer to manage all devices. The LattePanda has seen more than a few instances where it has won over the competition in terms of speed, power, and small size, and has been used as the verifiably reliable IoT (Internet of Things) Hub device.



It’s hard to imagine, but technology has come a very far way from your simple smart car or smart refrigerator. Yet, all of these things can be controlled by the same technology–namely, a small, powerful on-board computer which can process data efficiently and seamlessly between multiple devices. It only seems logical that the interactions between devices should increase as the level of internet security catches up and accounts for the clustering of multiple technological devices together as one controllable group. In our first featured article, we have one research study which tests the abilities of the LattePanda SBC along with other well-known SBC’s to be utilized as IoT Hubs for technological devices already incorporated into city structures.


In the second featured article, the LattePanda is shown to be an effective computer to be used for the machine learning involved in license plate recognition technology. This determination was also made due to the small size and powerful processing power of the LattePanda, since it was small enough to be placed in any area that they may need to gain access to the data held within the SBC and also because its processor could deal with the particular programs that a company or agency may need to use in order to perform the set of necessary operations smoothly.

Server Room Control Center

In the last featured article, you can see how members on Hackster are using the LattePanda for their projects, like this one in particular which can act as a home management system. The LattePanda has further become incorporated into the household in a variety of different ways, and is on its way to becoming endorsed as your go-to device for smart home development.

We also see a future where the LattePanda SBC will become your smart device for anywhere in the world!



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