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When you get your first panda, one other way you may want to accessorize the panda and improve its performance is by buying a case for your panda. However, which one should you get? While deciding on which case you would like to buy, you’ll want to consider which of these values are most important to you: Do you want it to look cool? Do you want to still have full functionality and interactivity with the board through the case? Do you want it to be able to dissipate heat from the SBC’s board?
Explore our list below and consider which one suits your project the most!



LattePanda Titan Case

**For LattePanda Alpha and LattePanda Delta**


If you are looking for a sleek design and amazing functionality, look no further than the Titan case. With the Titan case protecting your LattePanda SBC, you truly have a portable computer which fits in your pocket and can be taken anywhere and everywhere you go. You might notice that most of the pictures of it show a case which completely encapsulates the SBC board. Fear not, as the sides can easily be popped off to allow access to all of your GPIO pins that you might need for your upcoming project. This way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of taking the case itself off every time you need to access the board’s ports and features!


LattePanda Aluminum Alloy Passive Cooling Case

**For LattePanda Alpha and LattePanda Delta**


As with all powerful computers these days, they must have some way of dissipating the heat that is generated by running their incredible processors. Luckily, if the onboard fan for the AlphaPanda or DeltaPanda doesn’t feel like it provides enough heat dissipation, there is a solution in the form of this amazing aluminum case! While a water-coolant system has been tested and proven to work successfully at dissipating heat from the LattePanda board, it has also proven to be just as effective as using this aluminum case. You can even adapt this case to provide maximum heat dissipation by utilizing it in conjunction with other metal heatsinks and fans.


LattePanda Aluminum Alloy Case

**For LattePanda V1**


Just like with the AlphaPanda and DeltaPanda, this aluminum alloy case works wonders to dissipate heat from your LattePanda V1 SBC. With simple assembly and an add-on fan, you can have the benefit of protecting your LattePanda and dissipating its heat quickly and easily!


LattePanda Starter Kit

**For LattePanda V1**


Do you like to have clear cases for your computers so that you can see all of its bells and whistles? Then consider buying the starter kit for your LattePanda V1 SBC, and assemble it with the fan for additional heat dissipation!
Alternatively, for those who like a traditional wood design, you can also get the Plywood case for fashionable protection of your LattePanda V1 SBC.

Make sure to find what you need and keep making!



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