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In this day and age, users are looking for all the best in their technology, hoping to get the latest, cutting-edge processors and storage and ram in smaller and smaller form-factor computers. However, this desire sometimes comes into conflict with their other desire to become part of the new movements to go green; if they want to make as small of a carbon footprint in this world, they will most certainly need to opt for technology which does not draw too much power. Thus, the race to make a single board computer that fits all the demands of the customers has come full swing, and the LattePanda SBC’s are coming in the lead!




*Photo credit: Youtuber ExplainingComputers


Power at a Low Cost

*Photo credit: Youtuber ExplainingComputers


Some of the skeptical among you may already be thinking of what your go-to SBC would be if you wanted to make a green mini computer–the Raspberry Pi. As it stands, nearly all of the Raspberry Pi computers stand at considerably low power requirements at idle and do not max out above 5 Watts at maximum computing loads. However, the LattePanda SBC’s, especially those of the 2nd generation, have seen a number of edge-computing, neural network, artificial intelligence, and algorithmic applications that have pushed most other SBC’s to their limits. As projects which incorporate these very CPU and GPU (and VPU) demanding programs become more and more commonplace to enhance and improve the functionality and capabilities of today’s technology, the Raspberry Pi computers will have to evolve to fit the higher demands of consumers. The DeltaPanda, on the other hand, has already proved that it has what it takes to accomplish most groundbreaking tasks that users have attempted on a small form-factor SBC. While we anticipate that the competition will be fierce, we are excited to report that Youtuber Explaining Computers has done extensive testing that has proven that the LattePanda has remained at the top of the competition between all other SBC’s, including, but not limited to, the Odyssey x86 and UDOO Bolt v8 SBC’s.


*Photo credit: Youtuber ExplainingComputers


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