LattePanda 3 Delta – A Pocket-sized Hackable Computer for Mega Creativity(2)

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In addition to the upgrading of CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage, WIFI, etc., we take as many user scenarios as possible into consideration. There are many other improvements and new functions you can find in the LattePanda 3 Delta. We are confident that you can get super great user experience.

No matter what operating system you use, the blue screen or crash is inevitable. To make the system recover itself without any human intervention, we add a “Watchdog Timer”. When some problems occur, LattePanda 3 Delta will restart automatically and go back to work normally.


We also add the auto power-on function. When the power goes off , no matter in emergency or under normal conditions, the system will boot up automatically once the power is back on.


We call these two functions “unattended operation”, and hope you can use the board with ease.


For those applications relying on battery, independent control of the power of all the USB ports and other power connectors are essential.


Now LattePanda 3 Delta has made it possible. You can control the USB power and 5V power ON or OFF based on your project.



The cooling fan of LattePanda 3 Delta has been redesigned, featuring 50% larger cooling area.  The resulting gain in cooling capacity ensures LattePanda 3 Delta best performance all the time.



LattePanda Delta 3 has 2-channel audio output with 2W amplifier. Now you can directly connect two speakers to hear the wonderful sound.






We developed a variety of expansion board, such as UPS, RS232, RS485, etc. All of them are carefully designed and tested, allowing you to quickly build projects.


We’ve also customized a variety of enclosures, cameras, and touch screens, making it possible for you to focus on stunning ideas.





Now the LattePanda 3 Delta is online on Kickstarter. CLICK HERE to learn more.