Boot on power

userHead Touf38 2017-12-07 03:48:55 3532 Views3 Replies
Is it possible to switch on latte panda automatic when power is on.
Without push button. I try to push and plug power after but it's don't work (If it was ok, I weld button)
2017-12-08 15:39:20 I love it too and I also love the lovers of LattePanda like you.
Post here if you have any problem.
Btw, may I ask what do you do with the board? As a standard PC or a cool project.
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2017-12-07 19:26:47 Thanks a lot

I love .net and lattepanda
userHeadPic Touf38
2017-12-07 11:57:46 Yes of course you can, follow below please.
(1) Press [Esc] or [Del] once just boot up the system to enter the BIOS
(2) Go into Boot->Machine Status AC/Battery In
(3) Change it to Power On
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