LP3 RS232 to Leonardo UART, W10 app status to Arduino ?

userHead Gary.Yohe 2022-11-28 09:42:33 659 Views0 Replies

I've got a LattePanda3Delta in hand. I'm using as a Windows10 PC for a ham radio "go kit" . All 3 USB ports are consumed for the radio interface, an external SignaLink sound card, and the mouse/keyboard dongle. 


I would like to light an LED driven by the Arduino Leonardo when the LattePanda 3 is accessed remotely via TightVNC. 

Page 7 of the LattePanda3 Delta, shows an RS232 available by pin header. It is not shown in Device Manager.

Can the RS232 port be wired to the Leonardo UART header pins as a way to patch in another COM port ?


Would Arduino Wire be used on the LEONARDO side for reading data ?

What could be used software wise to provide the desired VNC data over to the Latte Panda 3 RS 232 ?   


Is there a prepackaged solution/example to read W10 info into the onboard Arduino Leonardo ?  Does the Leonardo have any other virtual ports available ? 


Thanks for any insights or advice