Updated KR300 LattePanda with KR310 BIOS and EC Firmware

userHead onals.wina 2023-01-17 16:32:07 96 Views1 Replies

I had downloaded the KR310 BIOS from the GitHub page, I didn't realise that these were different models, and thought the KR310 was an upgraded version.
I flashed the BIOS file and it worked fine, however once I flashed the EC, the LP no longer boots, it just stays on a blue LED.

I have a Bios programmer, so I refreshed the LP to the KR300 Bios and sadly it doesn't boot.
Has anyone successfully fixed this?
My only thought was to buy a KR310 model, swap the IT8110E chips, flash it with the KR300 firmware and then swap it back into the KR300 unit.
Has DFRobot ever helped to repair something like this?

Kind Regards.

2023-01-19 11:39:10

BIOS programmer is used to update BIOS file. Wrong EC file can only be shipped to us for repair. pls contact techsupport@lattepanda.com  for repair service.

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