Cross Post: Delta 3 BIOS occasionally loses UEFI setting

userHead joeO24 2023-03-05 11:32:53 759 Views11 Replies

i originally posted this on the DFRobot user forums, tagging the post with Latte Panda. Someone there suggested it would be better to cross post here.My Latte Panda Delta 3 is set to boot from an Ubuntu image. However every ten to twentieth start up, the system goes into a boot loop, because the UEFI value is disabled. I always shut down cleanly, this is not due to a power outage. According to the support download section, my Panda Delta3 has the latest bios. 


I do not have a Windows partition on the EMMC and the Windows boot loader is also deleted. Only the linux GRUB loader is on the system. And most of the time the system boots up using that.


Does anyone else experience or have a solution for this?