M.2 E-key options and usb-c questions

userHead Russ.Russ 2023-06-21 01:26:47 355 Views1 Replies

Hey friends


I have a LattePanda Alpha 864s and am looking to find an m.2 E-key card to replace a Verizon MiFi USB dongle modem. 


I am also trying to record 4 cameras at the same time, I can accomplish this with one on each of the three type A ports and one on the type C port. This is done successfully with open CV library with Python.  All 4 camera feeds record to file correctly.


But I need to run all 4 off of the usb-c hub and when I attempt this,  but on the exact same script can only record one to of them to file.


All cameras can be seen in both scenarios by the device manager correctly.


Any help would be super awesome and appreciated.