5GHz access point Lattepanda 3d

userHead enon.diov 2023-09-20 21:28:55 281 Views3 Replies



I was trying to create an access point with Lattepanda3d.

There is no way to create a 5GHz signal.


I already created a 2,4GHz one and successfully tested it.


I few things:

- I run into Debian OS.

- The setup is very simple and standard = hostapd + dnsmasq (and indeed it works for 2,4GHz)

- I set regulatory domain into the Kernel variable cfgiww80211=IT (my case), because hostpad seems that does not find a suitable frequency among the list (it looks with regdom=00 to a freq of 5,9GHz that actually I do not have... so I tried to set regdom=IT)

- The global set (iw reg get) is well responding, the phy0 (seld-managed) still remain 00 (not set to IT).

- I also tried iw reg set IT.. does not work properly.


I do not know if the hardware has something hardcoded preventing me to setup 5GHz access point.


Help me please..