BIOS Stuck

userHead AbdülkadirMavi 2023-10-04 15:12:53 384 Views1 Replies

Hello. I bought latte panda ma nvme ssd and installed it. I installed Windows on the SSD, but I could not boot into the SSD. I tampered with the bios a little to adjust the boot settings. Now, when my card is opened, the latte panda logo appears, then it stays on a black screen and nothing happens. When I press the delete key on the keyboard or do ctrl alt delete, latte panda closes and opens, but it does not enter the BIOS and nothing opens. Is there a way to enter or reset the BIOS? I took out the battery and waited for hours. I also tried to reset with the reset button, but it didn't work. Is there any way to bring the card back to life? Please help me.


Product information:
NAME: LattePanda Alpha 864s
CPU: 8210Y
S/N: AL-S70KR310-KF65B-222701302