SIM7600X-H-M2 Module - What's Next?

userHead HopWorks 2023-10-08 05:27:58 216 Views3 Replies

I bought a LattePanda Delta 3 864 and LOVE IT! I also bought a SIM7600X-H-M2 accessory but now I wonder how to use it. There is no antennas that came with it, nor is there a SIM CARD slot. How can I use this with my LattePanda Delta 3 to access my T-MOBILE service while out in the field? Is there additional hardware I need to buy? Do I connect the two antenna sockets to the WIFI antenna's I affixed to the included TITAN case?? And if I do that, what is to become of my WIFI and Bluetooth? Do I need additional antennas?