LattePanda Sigma seems dead

userHead oirv 2023-10-19 02:26:35 652 Views6 Replies



Bought a LattePanda Sigma, the box arrived in good shape and sealed.

I unboxed the Sigma and I followed the official instructions:

Using the provided 19V power supply, but the board simply does not power on; No led, no fan, no HDMI signal, nothing.

I checked the provided power supply with a multimeter, and it works (it reads 19V), then I tried with different power supplies,

according with de documentation, it should work with any power supply in the range of 12-20V(No higher than 20V) and 90 watts or above (I also checked the polarity).

Barrel jack with a 19V 120 Watts Asus laptop charger.

Barrel jack with a 12V 180 Watts Dell power suppy.

USB C 19V 90 Watts Lenovo laptop charger.


The board doesn't work. I also checked the CMOS battery and it is dead (reads 0V), I replaced it with a new battery and its voltage dropped immediately from 3 to 2.4 volts, and the battery drained during the day.


Using a 12V Power supply the board gets a little warm in the area around the first M2 slot and the battery CMOS slot, using any 19V power supply the board keeps cold.


Is there any other procedure that can be done or the Sigma is dead and requires change?