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  • You Reply: Thanks a lot for your help.I recovered my lattepanda with this solution. But I have a new problem. Now lattepanda boot correctly but in the first boot do not get new password and going to this screen and I can’t login with last username and password that I remember. ... p=drivesdk
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    kalvorota wrote: ↑Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:52 pm SOLVED

    Fortunately for me, despite not receiving any help from the LattePanda team, I have fixed it by doing a HARD RESET but with a method somewhat different from the one that appears in the following link, because in a first attempt it did not work as they describe. ... f=10&t=853

    Second try:
    - LattePanda was connected via HDMI to a TV.
    - HDMI plugged but TV screen shows a HDMI disconnected message.
    - Simultaneously pressing POWER and RESET.
    - Then I plugged in the power supply and waited at least 20 seconds before releasing POWER and RESET.
    - WITHOUT disconnecting the power, I waited few seconds watching the TV went to black screen warning the HDMI cable had a signal.
    - The LattePanda logo appeared once and then the screen went to black.
    - The LattePanda logo appeared a second time and then the screen went black.
    - Then the Windows 10 screen appeared.

    As I had flashed the BIOS with the new file "Auto Power On" I thought I had lost the activation key, but it is not true, I checked Windows 10 was still activated by putting the following command SLMGR -XPR in the CMD window.

    Of course, I made a BIOS backup in the system now and comparing the new APO BIOS working file with the APO BIOS factory file using HxD or Notepad++ HEX editor plug-in and there are big differences now.

    To prevent a new brick, what is the most recently BIOS file to use with my LP version S70CR110-C34A / Z8300 including update with Auto Power On?
    I do this steps but no thinks happened.