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  • You Reply: and when i connect a battery 10P , she's not work and no charge. When i connect tle LPA screen , and plug the DC , only the blue led flash all 5 sec , and can't start nothing .AND the fan never spin ...
  • You Reply: yes , i don't have realy the choice do you know the name of this part ? With only this information i can't search this items . THX
  • You Reply: hello, i'm sorry it's not the edp but the touch screen connector Image
  • You Reply: i have utilised an gtx 1070 , with an mpcie 2em gen (1x pcie). And i played , doom , ff xv, cod bo3 , fallout 4 in 4k . But pubg use more processor ressource , and temps is an probleme for the stability in this... with 4x pcie 3em gen you have an bandswitch 8x more big... only game with exessive usage of cpu can to be a probleme
  • You Reply: yes you can . I use an ipazzport (with bluetooth dongle) that work , with "esc" for enter in bios
  • You Reply: for the ssd take a 6gbs (x2) and connect in m.2 E with this ... 0005.m1851
    And for the gpu (with external psu) ... -interface
  • You Reply: for the lp alpha screen 7" , is necessary to have a ribon connector 90° , for put the lp alpha in the backside of screen
  • You Reply: hi
    i'm from france and lobbyiste . I want buy the 864 next month for learn the code (python , java , c...)and to use for 3d program (blender) and game with egpu system . i want use 2 type of screen with this , first 6" 2560x1440 for test in vr (i can't found 7" in this resolution , second 13" or 15" 1440p or 2160p touch panel for 2d and 3d (with pen) . And test robotic and electronic with breadboard . (Maybe a system of slide of 3 ,7" for used just 1 screen and put in the pocket and slide the 3 screen for to have a tablette 10" , 1024x600x3= 1800x1024 or 1280x800x3=2400x1280 , but it's an idea )