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    Hi Queena,


    Once again thanks for your support.


    I wasn't able to change GRUB because honestly this is something I'm not used to, but one thing I was able to figure out while trying to learn about GRUB, was to press “e” just after “panda image" during the boot, and type “nomodeset”. With this I was able to boot but with low resolution.


    I will try to dig more on this and I will share as soon as I get any result as I need.

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    Hi Queena, 

    Thank you for your attention.Yes, with windows works perfectly with any screen (even 4k television).


    I installed linux distribution with 24" 1080p screen without any problem.

    After this I connected to AOC 34" 1440p screen and the linux cannot load with this screen plugged (the same happen with 4k television). 


    I already installed ubuntu like the tutorial you sent and I had the same result.


    Is wierd why I can use any screen to setup bios or choose each OS I want to boot, but I can only boot on linux distribution with 1080p.


    I have no more ideas to try….