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    sidxh wrote: ↑Wed Dec 30, 2020 8:11 pm Just putting my notes here for those that may be interested.

    Usecase : LP Alpha 864s, with activated Win10 - Put a new win10 install on a new M2 SSD with all the original drivers in place.

    Problems #1 : I saw all the problems described in this forum thread. The LP alpha images on dropbox are not usable etc - I am not even sure what images they are; I think they are rstrui images, not bootable install images. The microsoft man page to create "bootable USB disk" is also not useful because that method requires an iso image for the bootloader to mount.

    Problem #2 : Installed new win10 20h2 on SSD using win10 installation media creator. Easy enough. But then I ran into the unknown and misidentified driver issues. The only recommendation from LP team was to do the intel chipset driver update, which only took care of BT driver. The Intel Gaussian mixture model/1911, serial IO, XR21 USB-UART, ReakTek drivers were not recognized. I needed the SIO/USB UART drivers.

    My solution : Luckily, I left my emmc untouched (just disabled it in bios), so I could always boot into the as-shipped drive. I copy/pastad the system32\DriverStore\FileRepository into my SSD. When I booted back into the SSD, I could use devmgmt to update unknown/misidentified drivers using the filerepo location. Funnily, it worked - like it should have if I had been smart about it yesterday. (Usually there's reg hacks to take care of, but this is exactly the same machine and no major reg changes between 20h2 and 1803)

    Outcome : Got the superficial results I wanted - No unknown drivers and everything looks like in as-shipped install. Still need to check if the system behavior is at parity.

    Opens : Long-term influence of wuaclt on sys behavior; HW stability w installed drivers;
    Btw.. if you wanted a copy of your windows on the m.2 ssd or any type of drive.
    Step 1. Ubuntu live boot drive. Side note-->May be able to do it in windows as well not sure.
    Step 2. DD or bit by bit copy of the 64gb flash to ssd ( I'd use a 64gb flash drive so I can store it on the shelf).
    Step 3. Boot ssd
    Step 4. Expand ssd.

    I've had success in doing this. That way if your using sucure boot and such it will still work since it's bit by bit
  • You Reply: even after updating to Ubuntu bios it hasn't worked for me
  • You Reply: everything but the touchscreen worked for me.
  • You Reply: Your team once again stopped replying. Are there any source code for the drivers? I rewrite them my self.
  • You Reply: Alright an interesting find that needs to be included in the docs.
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    LattePanda wrote: ↑Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:26 am @Eli99k, pls try to reinstall the windows system according to the link below. ... s/#windows
    1. I did i'm getting the same error
    2. i unziped the file CDJQ-JX-7-S70KR200-K65A-101-C
    3. made the usb active /bootable using ( ... lash-drive)
    4. copied the files to the root directory of the usb drive
    boot from the flash drive it starts like its loading windows and i get the same error code.

    Can anyone show me their bios settings please when their booting the flashdrive
    also their bios version as well.
  • You Reply: Still cant boot the drive :'( 20200708_153828.jpg 20200708_153828.jpg (2.2 MiB) Viewed 2962 times



  • You Reply: So I tried it on 16.04 ... 1594057458

    it works but not usable like on 20.04

    I really need this fixed so i can use it in our flow test machine at work
  • You Reply: funny thing if you install the auto power on the n install this it still auto powers on. either that or my board just messed up. btw the touch is not working properly on ubuntu version 20.04. im going to install 16.04 and see if it works
  • You Reply: Does the touch work with the auto power on feature?
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    ccs_hello wrote: ↑Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:41 am Get the official Arduino IDE 1.8.13 here (scroll down a little)

    Not sure what this has to do with the windows iso file?
  • You Reply: The boot image for the lattepanda alpha is not working. Followed the instructions of the forums and the documentation nothing works.
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    darkmage1975 wrote: ↑Sun Nov 25, 2018 1:43 pm Hi, first of all nice to meet you all, this is my first post.

    As stated in the subject, my dream is to create a 7" PDA-phone like the Gemini PDA ( or better the "now crowfounding" Cosmo Communicator ( ... #/comments).

    Ok, I know this is not a simple project, but that is what I need: an all-in-one 7" notebook + smartphone + physical keyboard. So, why not to buy the Cosmo Communicator? Since I think it has a main drawback: I don't want to "open it" just to answer a simple Whatsapp message while I'm walking: the 2.5" display on the front simply (obviously) won't support an "on-screen" keyboard.

    So I studied a case where the (single) 7" LCD is on the front, and the keyboard simply "slides out" from the bottom, while lettin you tilt the screen (I don't know if I made it clear...)

    Anyway: do you think LattePanda could be the right board for this project? Those shoud be the "main" components needed:

    - board
    - LTE shield
    - 7" LCD touch screen
    - keyboard
    - battery

    But here is the "first main" question I'm thinking about:

    will the installed Android be capable of managing the rest of the hardware? Mainly the LTE shield: I was thinking about an Arduino shield..., but also the 7" LCD touch screen)

    This is only the question I'm thinking about right now, but I know there's a lot of other problems.

    So please let me know what do you think about it.

    Thank you.
    Hey i thought about this as well. However i not sure where to begin I would be intrested in joining you since my project is somewhat simular. For phone i thought about using a gsm module and a level shifter and program some AT commands to handle the phone and internet. But I would be reinventing the wheel. Then thought about using the Huawei gsm module and unlocking it to get phone capabilities. However when adding anything extra you have to calculate that into your watthours. Another issue I found is find was the right display ( my issue because i wanted a 6in phone 2k display).
  • You Reply: Would it be possible to get a model without components attached to it, since it not part of the lattepanda?
    Also how accurate is the 3d models measurement?
  • You Reply: Ive tried. the usb c and the both header pins at 12v it acts likes there's not enough voltage and the red light flashes and doesn't come on. When I apply 15v to the header pins it works. OEM lattepanda power supply no longer works. The Nintendo switch is the only power adapter i can get to work.
    the link below shows what its doing when 12v is applied to the board. I'm using a desktop power supply on the 12v rail to power the lattepanda(which used to work). ... sp=sharing
  • You Reply: I was talking to customer support and they kind of just stop replying.
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    ccs_hello wrote: ↑Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:52 pm If the Blue LED is not slow blinking, I am afraid the DC 4-pin power connector is
    either not getting DC12V feed (or voltage is too low thus only seeing Red-Arduino-LED blinking), <-- check with a multimeter
    the DC 4-pin part of power path is broken.

    ^^^ I am assuming the USB-C power feed is functioning normally (Blue LED blinking, and after pressing the POWER button, Blue_LED turns into sold Blue) which means the LPA main board function is still okay.
    The power path seems to be broken only accepting voltage at around 15vdc still don't have a blue light. I lost it once i reinstalled windows 10.
    is there any way to fix the power path? Is it controlled via chip i could replace?
  • You Reply: So interesting find. I wasn't able to get hdmi output no matter what I did. But when I plugged it into a higher resolution then 1920x1080. And was able to see the boot and bios screen.

    Hope this helps out.
  • You Reply: I was thinking about collecting it from the serial com already established between the processor and the Arduino. I to use windows(or linux cause I don't want windows crashing) to accept the data and upload it. I just don't know of any text software that is able to grab serial data.
  • You Reply: is there a way to add it i'm try to send data to a database? or grab it from the pc without using excel?